Optimizing e-commerce websites is quite often a difficult task. It is advisable to get an SEO wellness checkup regularly to avoid content and/or technical problems with your website. Legacy CMS systems, large numbers of products and the use of generic manufacturer descriptions are all barriers that need to be overcome in order to deliver a successful SEO campaign. HukCode is highly successful in helping businesses to move up their natural search rankings using ethical & customer-centric techniques that produce sustainable results.

Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes and from a variety of sectors, we can help you improve the visibility of your website in major search engines.

Depending on your situation, our SEO audit service can include each of the following if it affects your website’s performance:


What’s included

How Technical SEO audit works:

Our experts will perform on-page optimization for your store after assessing the technical audit results over time. We will also optimize the architecture, meta tags and descriptions for the pages, sitemaps, etc. resulting in search success. Our team will share initial and final reports for your websites.

We work on a backup theme so your live site isn’t affected during the process. Most website sees a significant improvement in the error report, we don’t guarantee that the score will be 100% accurate, since it’s subjective to tons of factors, including crawl time.

Final thoughts:

Identify technical problems and issues that may be limiting your site’s performance in search engines and decreasing the potential amount of qualified traffic to your site. Thereby, increasing rankings for relevant keywords, increasing qualified organic search traffic to your website and increasing conversions through leads or online sales.


Enhance any base plan with these add‑ons