Magento : SEO Audit

Magento SEO Audit

Do you want to hire experts to get in-depth SEO analysis of your Magento 2 store?

Search engine optimization best practices and methods are changing all the time. You may know that Google update their search algorithm frequently and you can always refer to this page to get the latest changes that Google have implemented in Search, but staying on top of your SEO is a lot of work.


The Magento SEO Challenge

The key to promoting your Magento webstore is to constantly grow your target audience.

But how can your store get traffic, if paid ads are too expensive for the store?

The answer is – organic results. The higher your position on the Google results page, the more visitors you will get. Google takes into consideration every store detail and achieving optimum SEO is a rather challenging task. Over time products get added, changed or are no longer available, its important to review you store to update your content to ensure its current and working for your SEO.

By conducting regular check-ups regardless of your site’s technical stability and investing in SEO analysis you will get valuable information about the state of your Magento store because you might be missing a significant amount of traffic, customers and sales due to improper SEO setup or lack of relevant content in the shopping experience..

Our Magento SEO Audit Solution

Depending on the size of your Magento 2 site and your existing modules we can review your site and quickly find some areas to improve your SEO performance.

We can get to work to improve your SEO straight away and can recommend modules to automate and improve you SEO.

Typically we focus on the following to get some quick wins

  • Robots meta header and canonical URL compliance
  • Meta title, description, keywords and H1 tags
  • Images alt tag, in-page links and tags
  • Page content state and applied meta tags template

Our Magento SEO Audit process

In order to complete the Magento SEO audit, we would need read-only access to your Google Analytics account, Google Search Console and your Magento back-end (with access to at least system config, rewrites, the catalog etc).

Affordable Magento SEO Audit's for conversions and sales. We know Magento & SEO and we use certified Magento Engineers for all our work. If you want to get in-depth SEO analysis and advice for your Magento eCommerce store,  contact us today to arrange an Audit of your webshop.

What you’ll get with our SEO audit report

With our Magento eCommerce SEO audit you will get an in-depth analysis of your website and  we will provide you with a comprehensive review of the state of your content SEO.

Although all audits are bespoke, the core sections of the report are as follows:

  • an executive summary of findings with priorities for you to get results
  • top priorities for your developers, copywriters and eCommerce managers
  • Magento configuration – recommendations around how you’ve configured your Magento store.
  • Information architecture and category structure (and how it can be optimised to improve SEO and UX)
  • Technical SEO Magento issues (Magento rewrites, Magento parameters, layered navigation etc)
  • On-site duplicate content issues (configurable / simple products, aggregation of content across site, dynamic pages etc)
  • crawl and index analysis (sitemap, Robots.txt, broken links, redirects…)
  • on-site markup analysis (URL structure, microdata, HTML…)
  • speed and performance analysis (HTTP requests, optimizations, expire headers…)

The result of the audit will allow you to the first step on the path to improving your search engine rankings and maximizing your online marketing efforts that will add to your bottom line.

We treat each client individually because each business requires a different approach. We want to ensure that you end up with recommendations that are specific to your business and we take time that all reports make sense for you.

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