Magento integrate Product Recommendations with Page Builder

Magento integrate Product Recommendations with Page Builder

Magento have today announced that they have integrated Product Recommendations Powered by Adobe Sensei with Magento’s content creation tool. 


Magento e-commerce users get a drag-and-drop method to embed Adobe Sensei AI Product Recommendations into their site pages with a new integration. The integration between Magento Commerce Product Recommendations and Adobe Sensei AI enables non-coders to use AI with drag-and-drop content blocks on website pages that offer buyers similar or complementary goods to what they’re looking at, much like Amazon does. On the back end, Adobe AI tools take inventory availability into account for the recommendations, as well as user-set market segments such as site newcomers vs. loyalty-program regulars.

Adobe Sensei is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool which integrates with the Adobe Experience Cloud. Sensei seamlessly connects to all of Adobe’s cloud services to help you create better marketing experiences for your customers.

The Product Recommendations feature is the latest in a slew of new Sensei AI tools Adobe is unveiling this year for Experience Cloud and Magento.

Integrating AI in a no-code fashion will help Magento customers. E-commerce platform vendors have talked a lot about integrating AI into their clouds for the last two years, but they haven’t delivered much so far.  Connecting Adobe’s product-recommendation engine to Magento is a good first step in making e-commerce content more ubiquitous on retail sites, which increases upsell opportunities.

The Key benefits of the Page Builder integration courtesy of Magento:

  • Drag and drop functionality makes it simple and intuitive to place product recommendations in any position within the content being edited via Page Builder.
  • Merchants can now easily add recommendation units to multiple content types including pages, blocks, dynamic blocks and individual fields.
  • Merchants can now target recommendations to specific customers by assigning dynamic blocks to various consumer segments. For example, a retailer can take advantage of dynamic blocks to show a more personalized selection of recommended products for their most loyal customer as opposed to a casual shopper who may be new to the site and well-suited for a different set of recommendations.
  • With Page Builder, merchants can deploy specific recommendations to individual product pages instead of across all product pages.
  • Merchants can customize recommendation units within Page Builder to match their brand, including adding borders, colors, and custom headings.


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