How to create a child theme for Neve WordPress theme for better SEO ranking.

SEO experts on the Neve WordpressTheme

I have been testing a selection of WordPress themes to optimise them for mobile devices to help get my client better SEO rankings.

Using WordPress is great to get your website up and running quickly and updating your website is easy.  However to get SEO ranking in the top 90’s  with your WordPress site you may need to edit the theme layout etc. to help you get some more points on the Ranking scoreboard.

The downside to directly editing you theme is the fear of losing any changes on the next theme update, well all you need to do is to install a WordPress child theme and make the changes there.

First off you need to have Neve already installed,  then you can download a ready-to-use basic child theme from here.

Install and activate the child theme, like any normal WordPress theme (Making sure Neve is also installed before you start) and your good to go.

If you want to make more advanced changes in the child theme to improve your SEO rankings that  , just:

1. Locate the views folder inside Neve (from the root of the folder  go to ../wp-content/themes ) and make a copy and pop it inside the child theme’s folder.

2. Make any changes you need in the views folder of the child theme located in ../wp-content/themes/neve-child-master.

Save all changes.