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DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based inventory and order management platform. It’s designed to help startups and small to medium-sized businesses take the time and stress out of managing their inventory and sales.  If you’re a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer – or if you’re an advisor with clients in these industries the DEAR Inventory solution helps these businesses thrive.

Frequently asked questions

Who is DEAR Inventory For?

It’s ideal for small to medium businesses and startups who are just making the leap from manual or outdated inventory and order management methods, like inefficient spreadsheets to a more streamlined and automated modern solution.

It’s particularly useful for:

What Are the Key Challenges Facing These Businesses?

Businesses using manual inventory management methods face a number of common challenges. These often include lost time and productivity, persistent inventory and accounting errors, as well as obsolete inventory and stockouts.

Here are some of the top challenges our customers faced before using DEAR. If you’re currently using manual inventory processes they may sound familiar.

Top challenges for Ecommerce retailers and wholesalers:

How does DEAR Inventory make life easier for these businesses?

Here are the three of the biggest solutions DEAR offers their customers:

Streamlined and automated inventory and order management for optimised business processes

Key Tips for Ecommerce Retailers, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers Who Want to Improve the Way They Manage Their Inventory?

There are a variety of ways that businesses of all types, sizes, and industries can improve their inventory management. Here are some tips and tools to get you started:

    1. Focus on inventory reduction
    2. Work on lead time reduction
    3. Reduce your working capital
    4. Reduce your cost of inventory
    5. Optimize your rate of inventory turnover
    6. Accurately calculate your safety stock inventory
    7. Use an effective reorder point formula
    8. Set achievable inventory KPIs
    9. Improve your inventory receiving processes

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