6 Product Types in Magento 2 Explained & Examples

Magento 2 is not only helpful for your stores but it is also flexible with many kinds of products, which can meet all your needs in business.

In a basic level, we all know about Product of Magento 2. To help you choose the best products for your stores, this tutorial will introduce particularly for you 6 types of product on Magento 2 such as:

  • Simple Product
  • Configurable Product
  • Virtual Product
  • Grouped Product
  • Bundle Product
  • Downloadable Product

The Characteristics of 6 Product Types in Magento 2

Type 1: Simple Product

  • Explanation:

Simple Product is the most popular and unit of a store. In Magento, it is also defined as its name, it means that this kind of product is sold each single item ( non-variation). Every single product has its own  SKU (Store Keeping Unit)code

  • Example:

The kind of Compete Track Tote Bags which is only sold in a fixed size, weight, material etc.

ompete Track Tote Bag

Type 2: Configurable Product

  • Explanation:

This kind of product includes many simple products. The collection of various products with different options of colors and sizes but each single product has a separate SKU

  • Example:

For instant, one of Configurable Product is a kind of clothes coat such as following Stark Fundamental Hoodie product with 3 colors and different options size to choose, compare between them

Configurable Product

Type 3: Virtual Product

  • Explanation:

Different from visible and physical products, Virtual Product is a type of service, membership, warranty or subscription. It does not require shippers or delivery

  • Example:

The following picture shows you one of the Virtual Product is Mageplaza membership, you will buy the service not any kind of visible things

Virtual Produc

Type 4: Grouped Product

  • Explanation

It is a group of Simple products or Virtual Product which shares the same characteristics or related each other. It can save more than buying separately, increase the sale

  • Example:

Set of Sprite Yoga Straps under is example for Grouped Product, the buyers can choose to buy all 3 3 separated yoga straps or just one of them

Grouped Product

Type 5: Bundle Product

  • Explanation:

Which products customized are Bundle Product which includes various Simple products or Virtual Product

  • Example

Sprite Yoga Companion Kit which has different items containing such as Ball, Yoga Brick, Yoga Strap and Foam Roller. Customers have no choice except for buying ALL items in that kit

Bundle Product

Type 6: Downloadable Product

  • Explanation:

Anything you are able to download such as software, files, ebook, video, etc. After customers watch the trailers, sample for testing, they will purchase, they just need download then can use the product

  • Example:

A kind of following Yoga video for learners is Downloadable Product. There are 3 trailers for buyers can overview the products before buying

Downloadable Product


  • Although Simple Product and Virtual Product all belong to grouped product, they don not have custom option, so it should notice when selecting products for grouped product
  • The grouped products in Magento 2 has the option to buy ALL or just one of the set while the bundle products you must buy ALL not buy separately